NXT referee breaks his leg during a match

It’s not only WWE Superstars who are at risk of getting injured in the ring as NXT referee Tom Castro can tell you.
Castro broke his leg during a non-televised NXT live event in Omaha, Nebraska yesterday while officiating the Velveteen Dream vs Tyler Breeze match for the North American title. The accident occurred when Breeze went to super kick Dream, but Dream ducked and Breeze nailed Castro instead. In reality, Breeze missed by a mile but Castro sold it like a pro, twisting his leg as it got caught underneath him, snapping it in two.
The referee stayed down clinching his leg as another referee, Drake Wuertz, came in 15 seconds later, throwing up the X hand signal to alert those backstage of a real injury. The match continued for around 40 seconds more before the second ref also got decked. When Dream went to pin Breeze, Castro – broken leg and all – crawled over and hit the three count.
Wuertz later wrote on Twitter telling fans to say a prayer for Castor. “When he was on the stretcher he squeezed my hand and proudly said “Drake I love the business.”
You can see the video of the accident below.Click Here: penrith panthers rugby store