‘Chicken curry, fried rice and a can of coke’ – Coleman and Henshaw discuss post-match meals

YOU’D LIKE TO think a professional athlete’s post-match diet would consist of a high-carbohydrate meal consisting of all the right foods but that’s clearly not the case, in either football or rugby.

In a new video ahead of Ireland’s make-or-break Euro 2016 Qualifier against Scotland, Seamus Coleman and rugby star Robbie Heshaw sat down for a good old chat.

Among the many topics discussed was playing for Ireland, their sporting heroes, future sporting aspirations and diets.

It quickly became clear that both players enjoyed a cheat meal after a game and Coleman wasn’t shy in sharing his preferred choice, although the Everton dietician might be on the blower before long.

Connacht centre Henshaw admitted he enjoys a pizza after the game but we’re not sure about the toppings he goes for.

Source: threeireland/YouTube

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