Laurent Blanc on OL’s poor performances during the World Cup break: “There is not enough competition in this group in my opinion.”

Olympique Lyon have had a roller coaster of performances during the World Cup break friendlies. From a win against Liverpool to a 1-1 draw against Sochaux OL just can not seem to find any consistency. Even without Alexandre Lacazette you would expect Lyon to be more dominant in this match. 

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The OL coach spoke after the match stating, “We would like to be better, especially on set pieces, we will try to find solutions to these situations. I have young players and they often get caught in the marking and sometimes it can be serious. We were not very good, we will analyze this match by sector of play and it will take a little time.”

Though these are just friendlies it is becoming more clear that due to inconsistency OL are simply not a top 5 team in Ligue 1 at the moment. However, the former Montpellier player and OL coach was clear about where the club are and where they need to go, stating, “Tonight there was not enough animation. The group is present but must be more efficient. There is not enough competition in this group in my opinion, it is up to me to “Create it because it’s the competition that gets you going. The players have to do better in the use of the ball. I think there’s not enough movement, especially in the attacking sector.” 

Laurent Blanc’s statement is reassuring. When there is a vision and clear cut answer on what needs to happen it serves as a better road map than a coach who gives vague responses and lets the tide steer the ship. Even with the inconsistency there is visible improvement since the start of the season. The second half of the calendar will be very telling for which direction OL are headed.