‘Asian Bachelorette 2’ Is Back To Break Stereotypes And Steal Our Hearts

If you’ve been wondering what to watch after “Crazy Rich Asians,” Wong Fu Productions has you covered. The digital production company just dropped “Asian Bachelorette 2,” and it’s full of even more laughs, drama and Asian eye candy than you could have asked for.

“No one could have expected the incredible ratings of the last season of ‘Asian Bachelorette’ – literally no one,” joked host Brad Gage. “But I guess people do want to see witty, hunky, multifaceted Asian men on screen. Who knew?”

Gage is poking fun at the lack of Asian representation on-screen, which is how the fake reality show came to be in the first place.

Wong Fu Productions released their spoof of ABC’s “The Bachelorette” in 2017 after noticing the lack of Asian contestants featured in Season 13, which aired the same year.

“It made us think ‘Why haven’t there been more Asian people on this show over the course of all the seasons?'” Philip Wang, the writer and director of the videos and co-founder of Wong Fu Productions, said at the time.

Thus, “Asian Bachelorette” was born!

Season 2 certainly holds up, and does more than just feature hunky Asian dudes. (Although appearances by Toronto’s very own Simu Liu, “So You Think You Can Dance” alum Dominic Sandoval, Australia actor Desmond Chiam and surprise cameos by big stars Daniel Dae Kim and Randall Park are certainly some standouts.)

Like its predecessor, the fake reality show also pokes fun of Asian stereotypes, while touching on the nuances of Asian culture. The 10-minute clip shows that Filipinos really are good at singing, Cambodians love donuts, “yellow fever” is real and, of course, all Asians have mastered the “Asian squat” (hence the name).

In regards to the subtle nuances, there’s a hilarious scene where one contestant is in disbelief when he finds out another contestant told bachelorette Stephanie that chicken and rice is a dish from Malaysia, when it’s actually from Singapore.

Watch the full video trailer above.

The video, which only premiered 15 hours ago, is currently trending at #7 on YouTube and social media is buzzing. Not only are fans happy to see some of their favourite Asian talent on screen, but they’re also praising Wong Fu Productions for their hilarious take on Asian stereotypes.

In case you haven’t noticed, Asians have been making waves in the media as of late.

“Asian Bachelorette 2” comes after the Hollywood success of “Crazy Rich Asians” and Netflix’s rom-com “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.” In addition to that, the new film “Searching,” starring John Cho, experienced “modest” success as well, proving audiences are hungry to see more Asian representation on screen.

Here’s hoping creators can keep the momentum going!