RAW Report 11/10/08 Manchester, England

RAW this week starts with a video review of last week’s Cage Match. Cena was announced for Survivor Series. It was a hard fought battle, but Y2J won the WHC by escaping the cage.

Batista comes out to the ring and grabs a mic. The fans are wild for him! He says he’s not there to whine and cry about last week, he is there to invoke his rematch clause. Steph shows in the tron from Stamford. She says he won’t be invoking tonight. She knows he’s disappointed but Shane said the winner of last week’s match would go on to SS to defend against Cena. Therefore Cena will be taking on Y2J. Batista will get a rematch, but not before SS. She says Adamle resigned last week. They need to break away from the past and put a stamp on finality tonight. Kane and Ray will face off in a No DQ Match. Y2J will go one on one with HBK in a Last Man Standing. She thanks Batista for being so understand. She’s very condescending when she says this. Batista is pissed.

Orton comes out to the ring with Batista still seething. Orton tells Batista that when it comes to a title shot, he’ll have to wait in line. Cena gets his shot at SS, then it’s Orton. Orton says he’s better than Batista. Orton was tossed out of Evolution for his success. Batista couldn’t beat Orton then and can’t beat him now. So if anyone deserves a title shot after Cena, it’s Orton, not Batista. “RKO” chants. Batista tells Orton that history is written by winners. If you look at their histories he’s been better than Orton in every way, shape and form. He was better than Orton in Evolution and he’s better than him now. Steph said tonight is about settling old scores, so they should face off tonight and put this behind them. Orton agrees! Orton says once he wins the WHC back he will remain Champion longer than 8 days. “RKO” chants. Batista grabs Orton, but Orton wiggles out.


Video of the Battle Royal that Regal won last week.

Santino comes out to the ring with Beth in tow. Santino says he’s so confident he’ll retain the IC Championship that he’s done away with the Honk-A-Meter. Honk-A-Perfect-Mountie-Meter. Together they held it for 123 weeks. That’s just two years and four months. “Santino” chants. He thanks them. He says he’s from the best country, Italy. He finally gets heat for that! The English natives make their way to the ring together. Regal gets great pop when Lilian announces him. Santino’s is mixed when she announces him.

Santino gets whipped than a back elbow. Santino gets tossed down. A huge knee to the head and Regal covers for three!

– Winner: William Regal

Cole congratulates Regal in the ring and ask how it feels. “Regal”chants. He said he’ll wear it with the pride and dignity of an Englishman. He will be proud take the spirit of all of them all around the world. He’s very proud to be a subject to her Majesty, The Queen and our IC Champion. Regal and Layla pose in the ring for their home-country fans.

– Commercial

Out back Kane is looking menacingly at the camera. He says he wants to see more of Steph and Shane. He gets creepy and talks about torture. He talks about how he’s free to do anything to Rey tonight. He says no one likes him, not his Brother, not the McMahons. After tonight no one will like him. The problem is that the music is too loud to really hear him very well.

D-Lo to the ring. Mike Knox comes out to face him.

Knox backs D-Lo into a corner. Knox beats and stomps D-Lo down in the corner. D-Lo is whipped again and gets a kick to the jaw. A horrible (well done) swinging head hold move and Knox covers for three.

– Winner: Mike Knox

Video of people buying WM tickets.

Out back Beth is looking around. She finds Santino who is upset. He said tonight was a tragedy. So he called Shane and told him what’s on his mind. Shane is taking it out on Beth. He put Beth in a Title Match with Mickie. She grabs his phone and throws it against the wall. He ducks and screams like a little girl. Under his breath he says something about his phone and then his lower lip quivers. (He’s so good!)

– Commercial

More video of last week’s Cage Match between Y2J and Batista.

Video promo for Cena. It’s from when he first came over to RAW.

Y2J on the stage talking, sarcastically, about how heart warming the video was. He comments that Batista’s story is sad too. Y2J says he’s the best in the world today. He gets heat for this. Then there’s the HBK story. Y2J has the courage to expose HBK and his fans as the liars, cheater and hypocrites they are. He puts HBK’s head through a monitor. Then he hit HBK’s wife in the face. He then destroyed HBK time and time again. Finally he beats him in a Ladder Match. Tonight he will beat him in the Last Man Standing. Cena’s return will end badly as Y2J is at the top of his game and Cena’s odds aren’t good. He’ll show us all that not every story has a happy ending.

Out back Rey is heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Rey comes out to the ring in yellow and black. Kane comes out to face him.

Rey goes out, hides behind steps.. Kane tosses them over, but he crawled under the ring and back through behind him and quickly attacked. Kane grabbed Rey and tosses him over his shoulder to toss him into the post, but Rey gets out and hits a moonsault off the barrier.

– Commercial

Kane kicks Rey in the gut and puts him in a corner for punches. Upper cut to Rey. Kane keeps pulling Rey up for more abuse. Rey is whipped and falls to the mat. Rey manages head scissors and sets up for the 619 but Kane moves. Kane, outside, grabs Rey boy the lower legs and swings him like a bat into the barrier. Kane tries to pull Rey’s arm off around the post. Rey’s arm is slammed into the stairs. Kane tells Rey to quit. Back in the ring Kane stomps Rey. Kane drops a knee on Rey’s arm. Kane covers for two. Rey tries to kick at Kane who moves out of the way. Kane swings Rey up and Rey counters with a bulldog. Rey runs into a big boot. Kane covers for two. Kane removes covers from the top and middle turn buckles. Kane gets Rey up but he wiggles out. Rey hits a flying hurricanrana. Kane goes after Rey with a boot but gets hung up top. Rey runs at Kane but Kane grabs Rey for a choke slam. Rey wiggles out and hangs Kane up top and he falls to the floor. Outside Kane moves the floor mat back. Kane picks Rey up he ends up using the ropes to ricochet back and hit a DDT on the bare floor to Kane! Rey gets Kane back in the ring. Rey covers for two. Enziguri to Kane. 619! Rey splashes Kane off the top rope but Kane somehow gets his hand around Rey’s throat. Rey gets out and knocks Kane into the exposed turnbuckle. A seated senton then Rey hit a frog splash and covered for the three.

– Winner: Rey

Out back Cody and Manu go to ‘talk’ to Orton. Orton says Ted is the weak link of the group. Orton said he did what they didn’t have the gut to do. He tells them they’re not in his league. Cody bitch slaps Orton. Manu gets between them and stares Orton down to stop a real fight from breaking out.

– Commercial

Batista out to the ring. Orton comes out to face him. Cody and Manu come out. Cody says Orton can’t beat him and definitely can’t beat Batista. Cody says he’s going to beat Batista and calls for the bell. Orton leaves the ring.

Batista backs him into a corner. A kick to Batista’s knee. Cody gets beaten down in the corner then a couple clotheslines. Batista goes for his bomb but Cody kicks him in the knee. Cody comes off the corner with a bulldog. Cody works over that bad knee. Cody gets pushed into a corner and gets slammed in. A drop toe hold drops Batista in the corner. Cheap shot from Manu outside. Forearms to Batista’s upper back. Big boot to Cody. Huge clothesline to Cody. Cody up on Batista’s shoulder but wiggles out. Spinebuster to Cody. Manu is clotheslined from the apron. Batista bomb to Cody for three.

– Winner: Batista

Manu rushes in and Batista spears him to the mat. Orton stares from the stage. Batista walks up the ramp. As soon as Batista gets almost to the top Orton backs up and heads out.

– Commercial

Beth is in the ring with Santino. Santino touches her and she quickly turns and glares at him. His hand snaps back. Video of Santino losing earlier to Regal. Mickie comes bouncing out in blue and purple.

Santino distracts Mickie ad Beth gains the upper hand. Mick quickly rolls Beth up for two. Mickie ducks a punch and hits a forearm. Lariat takes Beth down. Double kick to Beth’s face for two. Beth gets bounced off a corner face first. Knees to Beth’s gut. Mickie then gets whipped but fights back. Mickie gets sent to the apron, fight back and tries to climb but Santino grabs her. Mickie kicks Santino down, but Beth slams her into the ring post to the back of her head then down on the apron. Beth drags her in and covers for three.

– Winner: Beth

In the ring Santino puts Beth on his shoulders and they celebrate.

– Commercial

Video about HBK and Y2J’s feud.

Y2J comes down to the ring looking surly. HBK comes out happy and perky as ever.

– Commercial

HBK went for sweet chin music early and Y2J ducked. HBK beat up on Y2J in a corner. Y2J whips HBK. HBK comes back and hits a clothesline on Y2J. Chops to Y2J. HBK takes Y2J and nips up. HBK drops Y2J with a scoop slam. HBK climbs but his flying elbow is blocked. The ref starts counting. “HBK” chants. On the apron HBK pulls himself to his feet. Y2J tries a springboard onto HBK, but HBK ducks and Y2J hits the floor. From the apron HBK flips backward using the ropes for bounce and lands on Y2J outside. HBK broke the out of ring count at five. HBK then rushes up the ramp to attack Y2J. Y2J ducks sweet chin music again. HBK looks like he tweaked his knee. “HBK” chants. The ref gets up at the 8 from the ref. Y2J is knocked down by Y2J. HBK gets up at 6 this time.

– Commercial

Y2J has HBK down again on stage this time by a UK cab. HBK slams Y2J down and into a fake postbox. Both are down. On the car, Y2J is on his back on the hood. They both end up standing up top. HBK tries for a piledriver but Y2J reverses it into the walls which he locks on. HBK is screaming and freaking out. Y2J tosses HBK off the cab. Y2J stand on the roof of the cab while the ref counts. HBK gets up just, just, just before ten. Y2J went after HBK who let Y2J go down. HBK then side stepped Y2J who ended up running/falling off the stage. HBK tosses Y2J into the barrier. HBK uses the camera boom, swinging it around to take Y2J down. Y2J is down for 8. They go back through the crowd and HBK tosses Y2J over the barrier to ringside. HBK drags a ladder out from under the ring. Y2J is able to slam the ladder into HBK! Y2J gets the ladder up and slams the top of it into HBK’s head. HBK is down for 8 and uses the barrier to get up. Y2J goes for another ladder to HBK’s head, but HBK ducks and the ladder hist the ring post. HBK throws the ladder at Y2J and takes him down. HBK takes apart the announce table. HBK lays Y2J on the announce table. HBK sets up the ladder and climbs to the top. HBK crotch chops at Y2J and then hits his flying elbow. Both are down. HBK is up at 8, Y2J at 9. JBL tries to ambush HBK from the other side of the barrier, but it doesn’t work. Y2J uses his title strap to HBK’s head. “HBK” chants. HBK barely makes it to his feet in time. HBK holds the barrier and hits sweet chin music. Then JBL hits HBK over the head with a chair. JBL has a light neck brace on. Both are down. Y2J makes it to his feet at 9, but HBK doesn’t answer the count.

– Winner: Y2J

The ref raises Y2J’s hand as Y2J looks down at HBK. Video of HBK sending Y2J through the table with the flying elbow, then the sweet chin music and the chair to the head.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat