WATCH: Fandango Teases a More Serious Character Upon his Return to WWE

WWE Superstar Fandango is the subject of a new Youtube video on the company’s Performance Center channel.

Fandango’s return following a torn labrum in 2018 has taken six months but he is finally back in the ring and working out again. This is good news for many fans, that were highly entertained by the veteran, who worked along side Tyler Breeze as Breezango.

The duo reached a new level of popularity over the past two years thanks to The Fashion Police gimmick, which saw them “investigating” ridiculous crimes backstage. Though the vignettes were usually much too silly to be believed, the truth is that they worked. Breezango got over and they became one of the hottest teams in WWE.

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But Dango is heavily teasing a more serious character when he comes back to active competition. He feels that he’s done his fair share of comedy and now it’s time to go in another direction. The only question is will WWE go in that direction? More importantly, will fans accept Fandango as a serious competitor after seeing him perform in one comedic role after another?

Fandango’s official return to action has yet to be announced. Whether or not he and Breeze will work together again is unknown and there’s been no indication of whether Fandango will come back to Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live.