It’s true: a pub in England gives a £30 bar tab for beating Fortnite there

Brilliant! There’s a pub in Huddersfield which offers a £30 bar tab to anyone who can get a Victory Royale in Fortnite, there and then. Reckon you could do it on a projected screen with everybody watching?

The place is a student pub called Warehouse, and the person who dreamt up the idea is manager Alex Coe, who I spoke to on the phone this afternoon. He’s been running the Fortnite challenge for three weeks now and it’s bringing in the punters. “It’s been more popular than I thought,” he said.

How many winners do you think he’s had?

“We’ve had about 300 games played but only two wins,” he said. Two! Two! Come on, you can do better than that!

“We do it on the projector you see,” he added, “so it makes it a little bit more difficult.” Pfft! It’s no excuse.

Coe explained it’s actually £30 for the first person to win each week, although he’s thinking about upping this to anyone who wins, if his budget allows.

It’s not the only game Warehouse offers, there’s Rocket League and FIFA as well, but Fortnite is the only game with a prize attached to it. And as far as Alex Coe is aware, no other pubs are doing similar. A couple of other sites in the Stonegate Pub empire, which Warehouse belongs to, have tried doing it but apparently without much success.

So, if you’re in the Huddersfield area, what are you waiting for? And have a lovely weekend!