Marvel’s Runaways Season 2 Official Trailer Revealed

Marvel’s Runaways will return to Hulu on Friday, December 21, with an exciting new season, and set of adventures for our heroes to embark on.

In anticipation of its upcoming release, Hulu has unveiled the official Season 2 trailer, which you can check out for yourself, below:

According to the synopsis, “The Runaways have left their homes (and evil parents) behind and now have to learn to live on their own. As they scavenge for food, search for shelter, and take care of one another, our kids begin to realize that, for better or worse, they’re stuck with each other. And it’s up to them to take down PRIDE once and for all. But someone sent a mysterious message to Jonah… Is there a mole in the Runaways? Meanwhile, PRIDE is focused on finding their children, and Jonah has his own dangerous plan in mind.”

We also have a cool new piece of key art, featuring the Runaways with a tagline that reads, “WE HOLD THE POWER NOW.”

While you wait for Season 2 to begin, check out our review of the Runaways’ Season 1 finale, and find out if Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger will ever cross over with Runaways?

What do you think of the new trailer? Let us know in the comments.

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