Alan Jones signs on for another two years at 2GB

Alan Jones has re-signed with Macquarie Media after protracted  contract negotiations that have dragged on for months.

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On Tuesday, Macquarie Media announced the Sydney shock jock had been given a two-year contract. Formal contract negotiations kicked-off in late February.

Macquarie Media chairman Russell Tate said in a statement he was pleased that Jones would be staying with the station for at least another two years.

"Over his already extraordinary radio career, Alan has dominated Sydney radio with 218 ratings survey wins, including 15 consecutive years at number one on 2GB," he said. "With Alan's current ratings share of the Sydney radio audience amongst the highest it has ever been, his dominance shows no sign of slowing down. All of us at Macquarie are delighted that we will continue along with the ride with one of Australian media's most outstanding performers."


Macquarie Media is majority owned by Nine, the publisher of this website.

Jones' future at 2GB has been the subject of intense speculation in recent months given the broadcaster's age as well as a string of controversies. In September 2018, Jones was found to have defamed prominent Queensland family, The Wagners, which triggered $3.7 million in damages.



Many, including Media Watch host Paul Barry, have suggested the defamation case played a part in the long negotiation period.

Sources close to Macquarie Media have also cited possible succession planning as another issue that had to be worked through. Jones turned 78 last month and has spent long periods away from the microphone in recent years due to complications with his health.

Late last year, Jones was also forced to apologise to listeners after dropping the N-word live on air. Then, in October, the shock's on-air treatment of Opera House chief executive Louise Herron triggered protests and another on-air apology.


Jones first appeared on Sydney airwaves in a full-time capacity in 1985 as a replacement for longtime 2UE morning host John Laws. He famously left 2UE in 2002, causing the station's ratings to plummet. His new employer, 2GB, quickly cemented itself as Sydney’s most popular station on the AM band.

According to Gerald Stone’s 2002 biography of John Singleton, Singo, Jones was lured to 2GB with a “staggering offer that included a one-fifth share of ownership in 2GB … worth perhaps $12 million, plus a salary of $4 million a year over seven years”.

Jones currently holds a 1.27 per cent stake in Macquarie Media through his private company Hadiac Pty Limited. At today’s valuation, those shares are worth around $4 million. The radio broadcaster’s former contract was due to expire on June 30.

The shock jock has been no stranger to controversy over the years. In 2012, he told a Sydney Young Liberal fundraiser that former prime minister Julia Gillard’s father “died of shame”. In the wake of the comments, 2GB took the unprecedented step of temporarily suspending advertising on Jones's breakfast show after more than 70 sponsors turned their back on the program.

Apart from his long and distinguished radio career, Jones has been a teacher, political candidate, speech writer and a coach of the Australian national rugby team [for which he was awarded an Order of Australia in 1988].

with Karl Quinn