Karl Lagerfeld to design Isla Moda interiors

If ever you wanted your house to have the inspiration of Chanel, you may be in luck. The French fashion house’s creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, is to design the interiors of luxury residences in Dubai.  Lagerfeld signed a deal with Dubai Infinity Holdings, or DIH, who are responsible for the residences on fashion island, or Isla Moda, an island dedicated to fashion that figures in the city’s ambitious “The World” project, a man-made archipelago that will form the pattern of the earth’s continents as viewed from above.

“The metamorphosis of art and beauty is my passion,” Lagerfeld said on Tuesday. “The discovery of contemporary mediums of expression has allowed me to pursue my interest in art, beauty, architecture and progressive cultural exchange. Dubai is a fashion bud on the verge of blossoming into the next fashion hub of the world. The city is alive with culture and rich in personality, making a perfect place for aesthetic, fashion and design to flourish.”

DIH, a Dubai-based diversified investment company, said four other as yet unnamed artists would be hired to bring their “personal touch” to Isla Moda.

Isla Moda is designed to drive Dubai to be the ultimate private paradise of style. Isla Moda will pamper the world’s elite fashion community with its fashion resort, themed residential villas, haute couture boutiques and luxury hospitality facilities. The project is taking shape on Dubai’s incredible man-made archipelago of 300 islands called The World, in the experienced hands of master developer Nakheel.
World-renowned fashion luminaries from every continent will be instrumental in creating various elements of the development.

As its first project, Isla Moda is a fitting example of Dubai Infinity’s strategy to boost diversification of the UAE economy through innovative investments in non-conventional  growth sectors.

Image: Isla Moda