Zara Man goes graphic

In over 60 countries, Zara Man will introduce a collection of T-shirts with graphics by Keith Haring. The late artist is known for his semi-abstract TV cartoons takes you back to the Aztecs with touches of Pollock and Penck. The collaborative T’s are used as a canvas and a new medium for the artist’s acclaimed work.

The T-shirts feature a background of neutral tones such as white, black or grey, which contrast with the colourful graphics. The collection goes back to the 80s and 90s, and also feature extra graphics with a self-portrait of Keith Haring.

The exclusive T-shirts range will be going on sale this week at Zara Man. The collection is made up of four T-shirts and two sweatshirts. The collection will also be featured in a number of windows in London, Paris, New York, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Seoul, Beijing, Buenos Aires or Sao Paulo, to name but a few.

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