Former WCW Champion Calls Out CM Punk

Source: TMZ Sports

David Arquette wants to go from the wrestling ring to the UFC Octagon — challenging CM Punk to a no holds barred MMA match … saying, “I’m ready, bro!” 
Arquette was fighting the freezing temps at Sundance in Park City, Utah this week when we asked if had any desire to follow other pro wrestlers who have transitioned to MMA. 
Of course, it’s not just CM Punk — WWE stars like Brock Lesnar and Jack Swagger have taken pro fights and won! 
Enter 47-year-old Arquette … who told us he’s got no fear and would be totally down for a real-life fist fight because he gives zero EFFS!!!
“Yo, CM Punk … if you wanna fight, I’m ready bro. Any f*cking time!”
Arquette says Punk can pick the time and location — and he’s ready to go!! 
Of course, he’s probably kidding around since he has zero MMA experience — but on the other hand, Arquette’s been training like a maniac for his pro wrestling comeback and doesn’t seem to mind the pain.