TNA Impact Wrestling House Show Results (9/6): Newark, Delaware

The following are results from the TNA Impact Wrestling live event in Newark, Delaware. The event was held on Friday, September 6, 2013.

-Manik defeated Sonjay Dutt and Zema Ion to retain the X-Division Title. The match went a little shy of 10 minutes. The crowd was way into it. Lots of high spots, as you would expect. Manik got the pin after hitting Ion with the Gut-Buster.

-ODB defeated Gail Kim. The finish came when ODB hit Kim with the Bam.

-Magnus defeated Mr. Anderson. The finish came when Magnus hit Anderson with the Mag Daddy Driver.

-AJ Styles defeated Bobby Roode. This match got a lot of time. The crowd really enjoyed it. The finish came when Styles hit Roode with the Styles Clash for the pin.


-James Storm & Gunner defeated Christopher Daniels & Kazarian. This match also received a lot of time. The finish came when Storm and Gunner hit the Powerslam/Neckbreaker Combo on Kazarian. Before the match, Daniels and Kazarian cut a heel promo.

-Bully Ray defeated Samoa Joe. This match also got a lot of time. The finish came when referee Brian Hebner was bumped, allowing Ray to blast Joe with the chain for the 1-2-3.

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