WWE Website Spoils Portions Of Tomorrow Night's Episode Of Monday Night Raw

Through the weekly POWER 25 feature, the official WWE website mistakenly spoiled the results of three matches set to air on tomorrow night’s episode of Monday Night Raw, including a huge angle. The episode was immediately taped following last Monday’s live broadcast in San Jose.

Both Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase will be in singles action on tomorrow night’s taped broadcast, with Rhodes going up against Mark Henry and DiBiase going up against Randy Orton. The POWER 25 says both wrestlers came up short in their respective matches.

Here is what is written: “Unfortunately for the two younger members of The Legacy, both came up short in singles action on Raw and in tag team action at The Bash. As a result, the duo drops two spots down the list.”

Tomorrow night’s taped broadcast will also see Carlito and Primo get a rematch against Chris Jericho and Edge for the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships. After Carlito and Primo come up short in their match, Carlito turns on his brother.

The description is as follows: “Losing the Unified Tag Team Titles Sunday as well as their rematch Monday against Edge & Chris Jericho obviously frustrated Carlito a great deal, and he took out those frustrations on his brother on Raw.”

You can see the latest edition of the POWER 25 at the following link. The spoilers have yet to be edited.

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