Vince McMahon Not Happy With A WWE Announcer, Madusa Praises Molly Holly

– As reported earlier, Vince McMahon made a surprise live appearance during Monday night’s RAWactive experience. During his brief appearance, the Chairman of the Board took the opportunity to denounce Josh Mathews’ announcing abilities after replacing Jim Ross on the broadcast.

In response to Matt Striker asking him his thoughts on the show, McMahon responded, “I think, generally speaking, everything is pretty good about Raw, except one particular announcer.” Striker then asks, “That Josh Mathews has to go, doesn’t he?” The WWE chief responds, “Yes, he does.”

The official WWE website has posted the video.

– On Facebook, Madusa was asked to give her thoughts on Nora Greenwald, better known as Molly Holly in WWE. Greenwald has stated in interviews that she felt Madusa didn’t personally like her since she was rigorous training her at the WCW Power Plant. Madusa admits to being tough on her then, but that she always liked her.

“I personally have ALWAYS BEEN HER FAN.. have always stuck up for her,” wrote Madusa. “She may not think so or have reservations on some of my tactics training her in wcw or working with her however I truly thought she was the last of the greats…..”

Madusa also responded to the rumor of Beth Phoenix leaving WWE: “If so, it’s a loss to the WWE…”

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